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I’m Corinn and I’m the chick in charge of Hallway.

I was onboarded to a remote team with “whoops didn’t realize today was your first-day” email and only a bit of training in a department completely unrelated to the one I would be working in.

But whatcha gonna do?

The first few months at that job were spent just trying to figure out what it was that I was supposed to be working on, how I should be doing any kind of reporting, figuring out who people were by stalking slack profiles and channel histories, and being completely unsure of how I fit into the company.

It was rough and it was very, very lonely. It was something that I wouldn’t wish on any new remote employee.

Haven’t lost you yet? Cool! Here is more of the backstory of Hallway.

Since I was remote and my main points of contact were rarely available, I had to come up with my own systems of reporting, communicating, and coming up with relevant goals. While it completely sucked at the time, I eventually started figuring out things by coming up with new mental models about how work was supposed to go and what processes I could put in place to support those new mental models.

Those new mental models and processes landed up being super effective in managing not only just my own workload, but my manager’s expectations of me, and the work of my team.

I figured I can’t be the only one experiencing this issues. So I did what any other curious person would do and talked to a lot of other founders and remote team members. What I found out was both surprising and not surprising. It turns out that while everyone loves (like REALLY loves) remote work, there are definitely some things that can still be improved with it.

Yes, a lot of creating a company that embraces remote work is cultural, but there’s a lot of ways software can help make adoption of the philosophy a heckuva lot better

Why Hallway?

My big “why” for doing this is so that I can help others lead a happier work life. And because I want to go trail running on the Barton Creek Greenbelt at 2pm on a Tuesday without having to worry whether or not my Slack dot is green or not. It’s amazing how a little circle can impact your life so much.

And so I go on exploring this little big idea of mine.

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